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Dina Party Rentals provided us with everything thing we needed to make my¬†daughter’s wedding reception a success, and my wife was please with the decorations.


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Balloons & Accessories Price List

Balloons & Accessories Price
Heart Frame $10.00
Base with Rod 5' $10
Coat Rack $15.00
Hangers $0.10
Large Decorated Arch $250.00
Small Decorated Arch $150.00
Large Urn Floral Arrangements $160.00
Small Urn Floral Arrangements $125.00
Large Decorated Coach Lamps $60.00
Small Decorated Coach Lamps $40.00
Spiral Topiaries $40.00
Tall Topiaries $30.00
Small Topiaries $25.00
7 Candle Candelabra $40.00
Large Ram's Head Urn Arrangement $100.00
Rose Pew Decorations $20.00
Rose Pew Decorations $80.00
Carriage Money Box $30.00
Square Money Box $30.00
Roman Pillar 8' $30.00
Roman Pillar 6' $25.00
Roman Pillar 5' $18.00
Roman Pillar 35''
Flowing Rose arrangements for Pillar
Ceramic Columns
Candles with Refills
Gold Wrought from Centerpiece Stand $5.00
Picture Frame & Easel $30.00
Qualtex Bag of Balloons
Party Mate Bag of Balloons
100 Balloon Helium Tank $80.00
200 Balloon Helium Tank $150.00
400 Balloon Helium Tank $280.00
Banana Tree (Artificial) Pair $30.00
With Banana Bunch $40.00


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