5 Essential Items To Rent for Your Wedding Day

5 Essential Items To Rent for Your Wedding Day

by | Sep 3, 2019 | Party Rentals Toronto

​A wedding rental checklist is a very helpful tool to have for your big day to be an ultimate success. But what exactly goes on the list? Some items are crucial for the comfort of your guests such as seating and tables, and other items are there to make the day memorable like beautifully lit lamps to go under the tent! Rental items help keep the cost down and the fun up.

To relieve some of the planning stress, Dina Party Rentals has put together a list of the five essential items to rent for your wedding day:

1) Tents

Even if you’ve double checked the weather and see no chance of rain, you should still have a Plan B. Renting a tent for the big day is a perfect back up plan to protect from rain, or shade guests from the heat. Tents can also add a nice element to an outdoor wedding with the inclusion of lights inside and other decorations. Whether you want a frame tent or pole tent based on your personal style, Dina Party Rentals has each in various sizes.

2) Tables and Chairs

One of the most important parts of our checklist, your guests need places to sit so they can socialize, eat and drink! Buying tables and chairs for one day is simply not practical, but renting them is! Depending on the number of guests attending, you may need an abundance of chairs and tables. Plus, you would want chairs that suit your theme and tables for guests, cocktails, and a kid’s table if any children will be in attendance.

3) Dinnerware and Barware

After you decide on the tables and chairs you want, you have to consider the dinnerware and barware. Forks, knives, spoons, napkins and dishes are key features, but so are wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, and more. Depending on the type of food being served, you may need to rent soup bowls, coffee mugs and ice cream cups. The food will also need to be provided in chafing dishes to keep warm, so you will have to decide on the types you want and how many.

4) Linens

Your tables will need to be outfitted with linens (tablecloths and napkins) to cover the table. Depending on the table’s size and shape, finding a tablecloth that fits it is key. Our company offers linens to fit small, medium, large, and rectangular or round tables. Also, renting chair covers for your guests’ comfort is important, and Dina Party Rentals covers even come with a bow!

5) Lights

Lamps to go under the tent and light up the night is crucial. They can illuminate the space and add a personal touch as well. Whether you choose our rustic coach lamps or want a 7 candle candelabra on the tables, each is sure to light up the evening.

Dina Party Rentals offers an abundance of party supplies in Toronto to work with your special occasion. Give us a call or book your free quote online today!