A Perfect Way to Throw a Baby Shower

A Perfect Way to Throw a Baby Shower

by | Jan 5, 2024 | Baby Shower

Welcoming a new little one with a baby shower is a sweet tradition. By focusing on a few key elements, you can make the expectant mom feel truly special on her special day. The shower is all about showing the mother-to-be how loved and supported she is during this exciting transition to parenthood. With some thoughtful planning, you can create an enjoyable experience that she will remember fondly.

1. Choose a Theme

Pick something fun yet tasteful, like nursery animals, books, or firsts (colours, words, etc). A theme inspires and guides the overall look and feel. Carry the theme with décor, food and games. Colour schemes, centrepieces and snacks should all tie back to the theme for cohesiveness. 

2. Set a Date

Schedule the shower 4-6 months before the due date on the weekend for optimal guest attendance. Guests will appreciate advance notice to save the date. Saturdays usually work best since most people are free that day. Consider timing so it doesn’t conflict with other major events on the calendar.

3. Send Save the Dates

Send these 2-3 months ahead so guests can plan accordingly. Include key details like location, time, and registry or gift info. Optional online RSVPs allow you to gauge attendance. Messages with virtual favour clipping or wish list features also engage guests early.

4. Decorate Gorgeously

Use theme accents like balloons, banners, and centrepieces to decorate the venue spaces, such as the dining and serving areas. Fresh flowers, fabrics in theme colours and decor items that coordinate bring the theme to life visually. Natural elements like wood or cork are more budget-friendly for centrepieces that can be parted out as favours. 

5. Prepare Refreshments

Offer light appetizers, desserts, punch or mocktails appropriate for various diets and tastes. Fruit kabobs, sandwiches, cupcakes and cookies satisfy snacking without being too heavy. Consider any food allergies or restrictions of attendees as well.

6. Serve Refreshments

Refreshments should match the formality of the event. For a more relaxed backyard BBQ, serve fruit, veggies, chips and dips. A fancier location calls for plated finger foods or a dessert buffet. Beverages keep guests hydrated throughout activities. Proper supplies like utensils, napkins, plates and cups complete the spread.

Follow these simple steps to host a picture-perfect shower celebrating mom-to-be in style! Her happiness is what matters most. If you are looking for Party Rentals in Toronto, Contact us today at Dina Party Rentals.