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Dishes & Glassware Price List

10.5″ Plates$0.60
6.5″ Plates$0.50
Silver Plates$0.75
Silver Tumbler$0.40
Soup bowl$0.60
4 Oz Icecream cup$0.35
Knife, dinner spoon, soup spoon(Royal) [For Each]$0.45
Tea spoon, salad fork [For Each]$0.45
Cup & Saucer$0.60
Coffee mug$0.45
Cotton candy machine (User friendly)$75.00
Chocolate fountain small$35.00
Popcorn Machine$75.00
Snow corn Machine$75.00
Brass lantern (Pair)$50.00
Chaffing DishesPrice
Chafer (with one 12 x 20 x 2.5″ pan)$14.00
Chafer (with two 12 x 10 x 2.5″ pan)$17.00
Round Chafer$17.00
Dom’s Chafer$25.00
Chafer (with three 12 x 6.25 x 4″ pan)$17.00
Wine (6.5 oz)$0.45
Wine (10 oz)$0.45
Hi ball (8 oz)$0.45
Hi ball (11 oz)$0.45
Juice (6 oz)$0.45
Water (11 oz)$0.45
Water Glass, Goblet$0.45
Flute (4.5 oz)$0.45
Champagne flute (7 0z)$0.45
Beer (12 oz)$0.45

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