Outdoor Party Planning Essentials Checklist

Outdoor Party Planning Essentials Checklist

by | Oct 20, 2018 | Party Planning Toronto, Party Rentals Toronto, Party Supplies Toronto

​Having an outdoor party is a great way to connect with friends or family for a day of fun and relaxation. Making sure preparations are done in advance will relieve any stress that planning a party usually involves. Starting well ahead of time, here are the things you need to consider when preparing to throw an outdoor party.

Where’s Everyone Going?

Your guests need to know what’s going on before the big day arrives. Send invitations, whether they’re physically mailed out or done online, specifying a time and place for the event. Also be sure to include the appropriate clothing attire, whether you’ve planned a casual outdoor party or a formal one. Give your guests a heads up before they arrive. Be sure to also let them know what kind of food your planning to serve, with the option of communicating any food allergies.

As a part of your decoration plans, have signs hung directing guests from the parking area to the party. However many signs you use will depend on the size of the party space and overall distance.

Have a Backup Plan

No matter what the weather forecast is calling for the day of your party, always have a backup location in case a sudden downpour or snow storm occurs. Nothing ruins a party more than a group of people getting soaked from unexpected weather, only to be sent home because there are no other options available. If you’re having the party in your backyard, have your house decorated and stocked with games just in case the party’s moved inside. If you’re in a party rental location, ask the staff or whoever is in charge during the rental process about indoor emergency options in case there’s a need for it.

Food and Drinks

Whether you’re making the food yourself or having it brought in by a catering company, make sure everything is properly labelled for people with food allergies. And although some foods may be considered ‘finger food’ be sure to have a good supply of utensils, plates, cups and napkins for your guests.

In regards to drinks, it really depends on the season in which you’re holding the party. Fruity and refreshing beverages during spring and summer outdoor parties, while offering hot drink options during the cooler seasons. It’s also best to have alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options for all guests.

The Entertainment

No party is complete without background music and some kind of entertainment. For a casual outdoor party, choose soothing music yourself or hire a professional DJ. If you’re ready to have a backyard dance party, then decide what best suits your guests. The games, music and entertainment are up to you and the type of party you’re throwing, so don’t stress out too much over picking the perfect thing.

Party Supplies

It’s up to you whether or not you want an additional theme for your outdoor party or to let nature do the talking. Whatever you decide, grab the appropriate supplies for the job. And don’t worry about not having enough outdoor seating options or very little table space. Companies like Dina Party Rentals are always an option, as you’ll have access to rental chairstables, and large tents if the need arises.

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