Things You Should Consider For A Kids Party

Things You Should Consider For A Kids Party

by | May 10, 2019 | Party Planning Toronto

If you are feeling overwhelmed about planning your kids’ upcoming birthday party, take a deep breathe and follow this checklist. Once you have everything you need down, it all starts to fall into place. Whether you are beginning months before the big day or just weeks, a list with a timeline can help you get organized quickly.

Here are the things you should do to throw a successful birthday party for your kids:

Kids’ Party Checklist

Six Weeks

Ideally, you want to start about two months to a month and a half before the date of the party. That way you have plenty of time to think of a theme, reserve a venue or hire entertainers and you can decide exactly how many people should be invited.

  • Plan the guest list
  • Book your party venue or hire a party entertainer
  • Pick a theme with your child

Four Weeks

About a month before the party, you can start gathering invitations, finalizing the guest list, and figuring out which games the kids will want to play that suit the theme. Now is also an excellent time to order the cake.

  • Make or buy your invitations
  • If ordering a cake, place your order
  • Request an updated class list from your child’s teacher
  • Decide on games, activities, and menu to match your party theme

Three Weeks

With just under a month to go, you can mail out the invites, start purchasing party supplies like chairs and tables and ask for extra help if you need it.

  • Mail invitations
  • Buy party supplies, especially if ordering online
  • Ask for extra help, if necessary

One to Two Weeks

The party is just around the corner, which means you need to start drafting a schedule for the day and finish up buying party supplies. Call anyone who has yet to RSVP to your invites so that you have concrete guest numbers for the party.

  • Organize a party flow schedule
  • Call families who have not yet responded to your invitation
  • Buy party supplies as needed

Three Days

Just a few days remaining, so remember to call your venue and entertainers and confirm all the details. Make sure any digital devices like your video camera or photo camera have charged-up batteries so that all your efforts are captured on film. You can start buying the food and putting together the party favors.

  • Purchase food
  • Buy batteries for your camera
  • Charge your video camera
  • Call the entertainer to confirm appearance and expectations
  • Confirm details with the party venue
  • Assemble the party favours

One to Two Days

With just a few hours to go, you need to pull up your sleeves and start decorating the venue. Prep and food you can make ahead of time and call on anyone available to help you should you need it.

  • Bake cake or pick it up
  • Confirm help if using extra help
  • Prepare make-ahead food
  • Decorate your home or gather decorations for the party venue

A Week After

Now that you followed a checklist, your party should have been a hit. If you did find that there were some snags along the way, you could always add notes to your checklist for next time. Don’t forget to thank your guests as well.

  • Send thank you cards!

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