What Should a Party Planning Checklist Include in 2023?

What Should a Party Planning Checklist Include in 2023?

by | Sep 6, 2023 | Party Rentals

Party planning is no small feat. There are countless details to juggle, vendors to coordinate with, preferences to consider, and timelines to adhere to. Aim to have your complete checklist done at least 3-6 months in advance to avoid hiccups. Here are some essential items to include to smoothly planning your party in 2023.  

Date & Time

The very first step is deciding your event date. Consider holidays, weekends/weekdays, and the availability of your desired venue, guests, vendors, and entertainment. Block out the hours, leaving enough time for setup/cleanup.

Guest Count

Knowing how many to expect helps determine budget needs, rental requirements, catering quantities, and space size. Overestimate by 10-15% in case of attrition or walk-ins. 

Theme & Décor

Picking a theme inspires favours, attire, décor, and activities. It sets the mood and memories. Consider season/location too. Dina Party Rentals offers elegant table linens, lighting, and more.

Entertainment & Activities

Research live performances, DJs, magicians, caricaturists, lawn games, photo booths, and kids’ entertainment depending on age range. Testing vendors ensure compatibility. 

Floorplan & Rentals

Create a scaled floorplan with your rental vendor like Dina Party Rentals. Include space for eating, dancing, drinking, mingling, and parking. Dina offers tent rentals, tables, chairs, tableware, bars, and more.


Consider your budget needs realistically. Factor in rentals, food and beverages, entertainment, décor, favours, staffing/labour, permits, and unexpected costs. 

Caterer & Menu

Select a caterer and sign a contract with a deposit. Choose appetizers, entrees, sides, and desserts. Note dietary restrictions/preferences. Dina’s catering services have you covered! 

Bar Service  

Determine if beer, wine, liquor, and signature cocktails are included. Hire licensed bartenders or self-serve. Stock a variety to suit tastes. Have ample nonalcoholic options too.

Staffing & Labor

Book vendors for rentals, hospitality, bartending, and parking attendants. Recruit volunteers if keeping costs down. Outline duties like setup, service, and cleanup.

Setup & Takedown

Work with your vendor on the schedule. Note electrical needs and load-in logistics. Number tables, place cards. Set décor. Provide instructions for caterers.  

Restrooms & First Aid 

If renting portable restrooms, book ahead. Assign helpers to monitor comfort and supplies. Consult with EMTs about first aid needs.   

Parking & Transportation

Have a parking plan in place. Offer transportation as needed. Consider valet, shuttles, Ubers, transit routes, and rideshares. 

Photobooths & Videography

Capture memories! Book a photographer, photo booth, or videographer if desired. Sign release forms. Provide props. 

Lighting & Sound

Source lighting based on space and theme. Verify needs with your DJ/band ahead of time. Arrange for amplification and a microphone. Test day-of. 

Permits & Insurance

Ensure to acquire necessary permits in a timely manner depending on outdoor space size & use, alcohol service, and cooking. Consult a specialist. 


Inform guests of the date, time, attire, parking details, and point of contact well in advance. Send e-vite, calls or emails for updates. Have signage the day of. 

Favours & Decorative Touches

Select personalized favours, welcome bags, balloons, and floral centrepieces depending on budget. Order extras to cover breakage. 

Day-of-Event Coordination

Schedule event flow and timeline. Prepare with cue cards. Have emcee directions ready. Double-check all equipment needs. Promote “day-of” contacts. 

Cleanup & Pack-up  

Provide directions for crews. Note timetables. Account for additional time if tired or weather delays. Return rentals promptly. Express gratitude to all involved!

Reviewing your planning checklist ensures all bases are covered. From concept to wrap-up, enlist the expertise of your rental vendor Dina Party Rentals. Our experience helps simplify planning and deliver worry-free results. We look forward to making your event dreams come true!

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