5 Tent Accessories To Go With Your Rental Tents

5 Tent Accessories To Go With Your Rental Tents

by | May 13, 2021 | Party Rentals Toronto, Party Supplies Toronto

​Are you planning on throwing a party in the future, or do you just want to have a nice warm weekend during quarantine while keeping the number of people limited? These are all things you might’ve thought about doing in the future or even maybe as a last-minute plan.

If your children or friends and family have been missing the sense of their culture, foods and celebrations, rental tents are a great way to keep distance between people during COVID-19 and bring back some of the food and communication you have been missing with people you know or people close to you. You’re probably asking what makes a rental tent safe during the pandemic, and how you can make the vibe feel welcoming and warm for your guests? Well, we will tell you right now.

  • Make sure that you rent a tent that has opaque windows. This way, you and your guests can see the beauty of your backyard or tent space and can bring in some natural light for some warmth and cozy vibes.
  • Make sure you either have air conditioning or a heating system in your rental tent, depending on the time of the year. This will be the main source of warmth or air circulation in the tent and prevent people from leaving due to exhaustion.
  • Add some twinkly lights to your space. If you are planning to host a small gathering or event during the night, bring the stars from outside right into your own tent.
  • Make sure to have table and chair rentals. This will provide comfort for your guests and you can use the tables to place food on.
  • Make your own DIY decorations and add some balloons to the area. You, your friends or your family can have fun making your own unique decor and balloons can add vibrant, fun colors to the tent.

Knowing some ways that you can make your rental tent feel homier will provide you with much more knowledge on how to create a theme for your small gathering or celebration and still be able to show your guests they can have a day or night’s worth of fun. There are even some activities you can do with friends and family to prepare before your guests arrive. If you are looking for party supply rentals or chair and table rentals in Torontocontact Dina Party Rentals to find much more you can do to make your small event the best one yet.