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My meet up Social media party for my software launch turned out great! thank you Dina Party Rentals, for the decorations and party furniture.


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Linen Price List

72″ x 72″$6.50
85″ x 85″$8.00
36″ x 36″$5.00
54″ x 54″$6.00
54″x96″ table cloth$7.00
54″x120″ table cloth$7.00
60″ x 120″$7.00
72″ x 144″$9.00
120″ round table cloth$12.00
Skirt 8″$15.00
90’Round table cloth$8.00
Chair cover (with bow)$2.25
Chair cover (without bow)$2.00

Dina Party Rentals

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