A Perfect Way to Throw a Baby Shower

A Perfect Way to Throw a Baby Shower

by | Sep 5, 2022 | Baby Shower, Party Supplies Rental Toronto

Planning a baby shower can be quite fun if you know how to plan it right. You can include fun activities for the guests, choose a theme, organize a guest list, and even budget your party. In this article, I’ll cover some of the most important aspects of throwing a baby shower and give you plenty of ideas. So, let’s get started! Here are some fun ideas to get you started.

Fun Baby Shower Activities

The ‘pregnant belly’ game is a hilarious game for the baby shower. To play this game, guests must wear a fanny pack, a pillow, and wrist weights. The team whose guest sucks the most will win a gift. To keep the party entertaining, add a candy bar to the game, and watch the guests’ reactions! It’s sure to make everyone laugh!

Choosing A Theme

Themes are fun ways to spice up a baby shower. Choosing a theme that suits the baby’s gender can add extra flair to the celebration. A popular nursery rhyme theme is “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” You can set up a fairy-lit area in the party room, prepare some easy appetizers, and create charming decorations. Another popular theme is “travel.” The expectant mother can explore her culture to find ideas for her shower.

Organizing a Guest List

First and foremost, the expecting mother should get a list of all the people who would like to attend the shower. There are several ways to get this list, and they should be extended to all guests as a courtesy. The list should include the full names and addresses of the guests, as well as the couple’s closest friends and family. If the shower is for women only, make sure to include the details of the expected baby’s registries.

Budgeting For a Baby Shower

Hosting a baby shower does not have to break the bank. With some budgeting tips, you can make the experience fun and memorable for the mummy-to-be. A good way to keep costs down is to co-host the shower. A co-hosted party is a great way to save money on decorations and food while making the event more intimate. To keep costs down, delegate some tasks to friends and family. To avoid overspending, plan early and plan accordingly.

Planning a Menu

When planning a menu for a baby shower, you have several factors to consider. Your guests should have options, so consider their likes and dislikes. While some guests may prefer barbecued food or hot chocolate, others may have food allergies. Make sure to ask guests to let you know ahead of time about any food intolerances they may have, and make allowances for these. In some cases, a shower can be held in the early afternoon, so finger foods are best. On the other hand, a shower in the evening might require a more formal dinner menu, so be sure to plan ahead.