How to Entertain Kids at a Birthday Party

How to Entertain Kids at a Birthday Party

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Party Planning Toronto, Party Supplies Toronto

Planning a birthday party for your kids is a lot of work, especially when it comes to the entertaining aspect. Keeping kids happy and occupied may seem like an impossible task, but it can be done, and there are lots of easy and inexpensive ways of keeping young guests busy.

The following are just a few examples of activities you can incorporate into your child’s next birthday party:


Children’s parties are meant to be fun, which is why games are a must. Decide in advance which games you would like your child and their friends to play so that you can make the necessary arrangements. Freeze dance is a popular choice because it gets kids moving around and allows them to listen to their favorite songs. It’s very easy to monitor this game and all you have to do is play music so that the kids can dance and stop it here and there, at which time they must freeze. “Simon says” is another classic game that will bring joy and laughter to the party, so don’t be scared to go old school with this game. You can choose to have winners or not and can provide small prizes at the end.

Face painting

This is something all kids love, and you don’t have to hire a professional unless your budget allows for it. Face painting sets are available in most party stores, so if you or a friend have a creative side, you can do it yourselves. Set up a designated station where kids can come and take turns selecting what they want. Remember that kids just want to have fun and are not very picky, so don’t stress if you decide not to hire a professional.

Balloon pit

Balloons are inexpensive and provide children with hours of fun. If you have the space, you can fill a whole room with dozens of balloons and let the kids run around and attempt to catch them. You can also try playing the game where the kids are not allowed to let the balloons touch the ground, which is very entertaining. You’ll be amazed at their concentration and because they have to work as a team, it will get everyone together so that no child feels left out.

Outdoor activities

If the weather allows for it, take the party outside! There’s nothing like fresh air, and kids will have a different experience exploring the outdoors. A scavenger hunt in the backyard is always a huge hit, and you can hand out lists of things they need to find like leaves and pine cones, for example.

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