How to Throw the Perfect Office Cocktail Party

How to Throw the Perfect Office Cocktail Party

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Party Rentals Toronto, Party Supplies Rental Toronto, Party Supplies Toronto

​Planning a pre-holiday cocktail party for your office can be an overwhelming task on top of all the other work you do. Between finding a location, buying party supplies, and remembering to send out invitations, it can be a lot to handle, especially by yourself. Hopefully, this guide on throwing the perfect office party will help you stay organized during this party season.

Picking a Theme

Before you can start planning a cocktail party, you need to understand why you’re throwing one. What’s the occasion? Is it someone’s birthday? Is it the company’s yearly Christmas party or because they’ve reached a huge milestone of some sort? Whatever the reasoning, create the theme around it. Have Christmas decorations spread throughout the location or party balloons of every colour and size. Picking a theme is always to first step to throwing any party, as the rest of the planning will surely fall into place afterward.

Deciding on the Location

Once you’ve decided on the cocktail party theme, it’s time to figure out where it’s going to be held. Coworkers will probably be more relaxed and ready to have a good time outside of an office setting, so avoid having the party there. This decision will depend on the party budget, among other things. Restaurants and other venues are sure to have party packages available for corporate outings.

If you want something more spacious and personalized, party rental companies like Toronto’s Dina Party Rentals have spacious tents, table, and chair settings so you can create your own company getaway. You can decorate the inners of the tent with cost-effective party supplies that fit your theme. Hire a private bartender for the night to put the cocktail in your office cocktail party.

Send the Invitations

Whether it’s through an official, verbal announcement or emailed to all employees, be sure to actually invite your coworkers to the party! While word of mouth can be strong and influential, you can’t guarantee everyone will hear about it until it’s too late. It’s also a physical reminder for all the employees to mark their calendars as the big day approaches.

You Need Entertainment

Talking to your coworkers outside of work may be a good way to get to know them on a personal level. However, for an office cocktail party, there should be some form of entertainment. It could be anything, ranging from a magician to a comedian to a musical performance. If you’re unsure of how people will respond to one kind of entertainment over the other, take a poll around the office to see what people have to say.

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