Your Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Stress-Free Dinner Party

Your Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Stress-Free Dinner Party

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Party Supplies Toronto

The winter season is a perfect time to have friends and family members retreat indoors and enjoy the company of each other. Cooler weather allows for cozy, comfortable celebrations among friends over delicious food and drinks. Hosting a dinner party during the chilly season is exciting, but can at times appear quite stressful. You want your dinner party to be warm, inviting and run smoothly without overextending yourself or allowing the pressure to be felt by guests.

With Dina Party Rentals’ straightforward tips, you’ll be hosting your first winter dinner party with complete coordination and ease. Check out our guide to hosting a stress-free dinner party:

Choose Your Theme and Dinnerware

Designing the style of your table and the room you’re hosting the dinner party in will be much easier once you develop a theme. Play with more subdued, cool colours or an excess of white, and include candles across the table. A wonderland theme for an intimate dinner party equipped with winter ornaments, such as snowflakes and pinecones, is a perfectly charming addition. Dina Party Rentals party supplies in Toronto have an inventory full of candles, floral arrangements, topiary arrangements, and other accessories to suit the theme. For the dinnerware, our royal dish set of knives, dinner spoons, and soup spoons along with champagne flutes and wine glasses will provide guests with the essential dinner accessories they need.

Set Your Menu

Determining what foods your guests will eat will also help navigate the amount of space available on the dinner table and in the dining room area. If you are doing the cooking, prepare meals that you have already tried and enjoyed previously. Many of us enjoy meals appropriate for the cooler weather, such as roasts or soups, potatoes, and a delicious pumpkin or apple pie to finish off. They pair well with the winter theme and are all meals that everyone can enjoy. Keep guests comfortable and occupied while they wait for the entree with delicious hors d’oeuvres. If you’ve decided to opt for a buffet dinner party style, our round or dom’s chafer will keep the meals warm and ready for guests.

Ensure There are Ample Drink Options

As delightful as it is to gather friends and family around food and great conversation, most guests enjoy alcoholic beverages as a great addition to any dinner party. Wine is a practical and well-received beverage which won’t break your bank and pairs especially well with winter roasts and soups. Don’t fret about the precise glasses, with Dina Party Rentals, we have 6.5 oz or 10 oz wine glasses to suit each of your guests. For the guests that prefer water to wine? Rent our water goblets for a formal touch.

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